Foto:© Martin Miseré    

The dance Solo piece « Oxum » has been fully created in the water with its own distinct aesthetic movement to present biographical memories and experiences on stage and bringing it to life for his audience. The Italian-born dancer Elena Martino explores her own memories of water in an expressive performative and interdisciplinary setting. Starting from personal experience, the daily use of water will be present with playful and humorous. Behind a seemingly humor-fully presentation about this topic, it goes in the second part of the solo to the preciousness of water and "Oxum"; the goddess in the Afro-Brazilian religion of sweet water and the beauty.                   Here, too, Elena will use, the water symbol as inspiration point, for her personal experiences and memories of a time in Brazil.


 Foto:© Kelly Cavalcanti

The dance Duo " IntusSomething" created from Elena Martino and Ronja Nadler deal with the different meanings of the inner and outer world and try to bring them into a voltage ratio. 

A dimly lighted stage, two dancers moving with the shadows.

One dancer is lost in her thought and performs shadowy hand movements. The other is at the front of the stage and tells enthusiastically her secret recipe of a perfect Italian pasta.

How the two worlds will get in contact with each other?

The two dancer  set off on a search for strategies to move on physical, mental and emotional level between these two worlds.

Rivers of Europe

Rivers of Europe (RIVE) is an intercultural European initiative, also developing a sense of European identity, based on common values, history and culture in a new regional concept. 

A multinational artistic team will embark on journey, travelling the length of the Danube on a specifically designed venue. We plan to investigate the connecting and the dividing forces of the Danube. Offering an exhibition, performances, workshops and a research lab we will invite all visitors to respond to our questions and help us find what we are looking for: a shared Danubian identity. 

Organized from Derida Dance Company( Sofia), Pro Progressione ( Budapest), Ilona Patzty( Köln).