Professional experience as a dance teacher

   Foto:©Fabian Brockmeier

Elena Martino works not only as a dancer, choreographer and artist, but also as dance teacher.  Since 4 years she teaches contemporary dance, starting from  4 years old children with creative dance, to adults and professionals dancer with Technique of contemporary dance. Through the dance's teaching, she works and organizes different dance projects not only with privat dance schools, but also with elementary schools and  high public schools.




       Workshop and class in Contemporary Dance for Adults  and                                                    Professional dancer

 Foto:© Martin Miseré    

In my classes, the principles of modern and contemporary dance are trained. By using dance technique as "Floor Work" and "release" technique,there will be a development of movements with different choreographies under the consideration of the previously used techniques.

In addition, a focus is placed on the alignment of the spine in the space, the activation of the center of the body, to promote the balance, the isolation of the body parts and the connection with the ground.

The confidence in yourself ability to move, not be afraid to make mistakes and to follow is own instinct, are for me important class's components.

The aim is, in addition to have fun with movement and music, it's also to find a holistic approach to their own bodies.

                                     Dance early creative education                                                             For children from 3 to 8 years old

This class is designed as an introduction to dance. The class will explore movement through music, stimulate students' imagination and promote creativity.

Fantasies and experiences are expressed through physically and supported with music and improvisation.

Gradually, the children are gently introduced to the specific form of ballet or contemporary dance.

According to the child's requirements are basic elements, rhythmic dance movement sequences and small choreography in the foreground.

It will also give them an understanding of the classroom community, improve social skills and develop fine motor skills all while having fun! 

        Dance education program for elementary school's children:                Chance Tanz- Jekits-Kultur macht stark- Tanz in der schule

 Foto:© Martin Miseré    

The dance education programs in primary schools, give free access to dance for those children who do not have the possibility  to approach dance in their daily life.

The groups of students I work with, they have different levels of knowledge of rhythm and movement.

In order to give them a base of dance skill, my classes  are based on a physical and musical warm-up, which includes coordination, cardio work, stretch and isolation. Afterwards they learn or my own choreographies, or they develop their own choreographies with the help of specific improvisation tasks. They will not only focalise their physical ability in movement through dance skill and tasks, but also through games.

They will also be confronted with professional dance world`s issues , through watching videos about  modern and contemporary dance choreographers, or reflecting about the meaning to be a dancer or working in Site Specific. 

On this way the children can have a directly example  and they can use these information as a point of inspiration for their own works.