Circus Convoy Exceptionell

Old trucks, a small circus tent, laundry flapping in the wind-in "Convoy Exceptionell" awaken romantic circus dreams to life, as soon as you enter the place.

Six adults,two children and two dogs from the crazy ensemble which travels with four trucks through the country, in the style of an enchanted traveling theater from another dimension.

A headless circus troupe tried without its director the show to beginn, of course without the audience to be noted that this is missing. Chaos is inevitable as all try to save in their own way the situation. It is sung, dance and played with the audience, dogs ride skateboarding.

 The young Compagnie, Jan und Nina Soencksen, Conrad Kausch, Elena Martino, Benedikt Hench und Samuel Moos goes this year 2016 for the second time with her piece" At the beginning there was nothing" on tour.

Sleepy biuti

              A travel from Orfeo's Arms to daily life.

Water sounds coming from the  deep water'world, funny shaped movements, a red Aerial dance Tissue used as Aerial bet. The dance-theater-artist Solo "Sleepy Biuti" from Elena Martino  research, through a specific body language, the border between reality and dream.

Which kind of creature reigns in her dreams?

A water creature will move over and under the water looking for ..........

STOP turn off this damn alarm clock! The same old repetitive alarm clock that constantly awake Elena Martino.

Tired and sleepy, she will try to find not only on the floor, but also on top of her Aerial dance Tissue, her quiet to be able to sleep again. No easy task!

Yawning, stretching and sleepy attacks will push her to continuously search the perfect position to leave the uncomfortable reality.

Elena Martino will show in a comical and theatrical way her fantasy dreams's world and also will share with the audience with humor and elegance the vicissitudes of her reality.